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Convection Currents and Hurricanes

hurricane 1. A _____________________ is a huge storm fueled by warm ocean water. It can be hundreds of miles across with winds from 75 to 200 mph lasting more than a week.
eye 2. The _________ is the calm area of low pressure in the center of the hurricane.
low 3. The eye is the calm area of _________ pressure in the center of the hurricane.
storm surge 4. The ______________ ___________ is the most destructive part of the hurricane.
land 5. ____________ heats up faster and cools FASTER than water because it doesn’t retain the heat well.
Sea Breeze 6. A __________ ____________ is during the day when the land heats faster causing air above it to rise up and the ocean’s cooler air flows.
Land Breeze 7. A _________ ______________ is at night when water is warmer so its air rises up and air from the land flows toward the sea.
coastal 8. __________________ cities are warmed by the nearby ocean water which retains its heat better than land does.
inland 9. _________________ areas have more fluctuation in temperatures because land does not retain heat as well as water does
nearness 10. The land’s latitude and its____________________ to water have the biggest effect on the air temperature of the city.
warm water 11. What do hurricanes need to increase in energy?
Rises 12. What does warm air in the atmosphere do?
Sinks 13. What does cool air in the atmosphere do?
Dense 14. Cool air sinks because it is more ________________.
water 15. ________________ heats up SLOWER than land because it retains heat better.
Equator 16. Most hurricanes form near the _______________________.
Created by: Mrs_Bullock