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Leadership Ch8

MGMT 4305 Lussier Leadership 6e Ch08

cross-functional team, 284 one composed of members from different functional Departments of an organization who are brought together to perform unique tasks to create new and routine products or services
distributed leadership, 298 Multiple leaders take complimentary leadership roles in rotation with the same smt according to their area of expertise or interest
functional team, 283 A group of employees belonging to the same functional departments such as marketing R&D production human resources or information systems we have a common objective
group, 271 A collection of individuals who Interact primarily to share information and to make decisions that enable each member to perform with in his or her area of responsibility
groupthink, 273 Is when members of a cohesive group tend to agree on a decision not on the basis of its married but because they are less willing to risk rejection for questioning a majority Viewpoint or presenting a dissenting opinion
self-managed team champion, 297 An advocate of the smt concept whose responsibility is to help the team obtain necessary resources gain political support from Top management and other stakeholders of the organization and defend it from enemy attacks
SMT facilitator, 298 The external leader of an smt whose job is to create optimal working conditions so that team members take on responsibilities to work productively and solve complex problems on their own
self-managed teams (SMTs), 285 are relatively autonomous teams who members share or rotate leadership responsibilities and hold one another mutually responsible for a set of performance targets assigned by top management
social loafing, 273 Is the conscious or unconscious tendency by some team members to shirk responsibility by withholding effort or team goals when they are not individually accountable for their work
team, 271 A unit of interdependent individuals with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose and set up performance outcomes into common expectations for which they hold themselves accountable
team cohesion, 277 is the extent to which team members band together and we remain committed to achieving team goals
team creativity, 281 The creation of something that is valuable useful and novel by individuals working together in a complex social system
team effectiveness, 275 The construct consisting of three components, 1. task performance 2. group process 3. individual satisfaction
team learning, 275 The collective acquisition combination creation and sharing of knowledge
team-member exchange (TMX), 275 A team members social exchanges with peers in terms of the mutual exchange of ideas support, Camaraderie and feedback
team norms, 277 Acceptable standards of behavior that are shared by team members
teamwork, 272 An understanding and commitment to a common goal on the part of a team members
virtual team, 285 whose members are geographically dispersed requiring them to work together through electronic means with minimal face-to-face interaction
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