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Leadership Ch9

MGMT 4305 Lussier Leadership 6e Ch09

charisma, 322 Is social contract between the leader and follower in which the leader offers a transformative Vision or ideal that exceeds the status quote and then convince his followers to accept his course of action. because of their implicit belief in the extraordin
personalized charismatic leader (PCL), 326 One who possesses a dominant self-centered self-aggrandizing and narcissistic personality and uses Charisma for self glorification
personal meaning, 340 The degree to which people's lives making emotional sense into which the demands confronted by them are perceived as being worthy of their energy and commitment
servant leadership, 342 leadership that transcends self-interest to serve the needs of others by helping them grow professionally and personally
socialized charismatic leader (SCL), 326 One who possesses an egalitarian self-transcendence and empowering personality in uses Charisma for the benefit of others
stewardship, 342 An employee focused form of leadership that empowers followers to make decisions and have control of their jobs
transformational leadership, 328 Seeks to change the status quo by articulating to followers the problems in the current system and a compelling vision of what a new organization could be
transactional leadership, 328 Seeks to maintain stability within an organization through regular economic and social exchanges that's achieve specific goals for both leaders and their followers
vision, 321 is the ability to imagine different and better conditions and the ways to achieve them
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