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Chapter 5 Quiz

Chapter 5 - Saudi Arabia Quiz

In what products does Saudi Arabia specialize in producing? Oil and natural gas
What two bodies of water border Saudi Arabia? Red Sea and Persian Gulf
What are two sources of water in Saudi Arabia? Wadis and oases
What is the official religion of Saudi Arabia? Sunni Islam
How did Saudi Arabia respond when Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990? Saudi Arabia welcomed refugees and supported Kuwait
What word best describes King Abdullah's reign? modernization
Which event led to disagreements between Iraq and Saudi Arabia? Execution of a Shia cleric
What type of government does Saudi Arabia have? Absolute monarchy
What is the purpose of the Basic Law of Government? To set up how the next king is chosen in Saudi Arabia
What is Sharia Law? Law based on Islam and the Quran
Most capital goods in Saudi Arabia are related to which industry? Petroleum
What phrase BEST describes women's rights in Saudi Arabia? unequal and limited
What is the largest country on the Arabian Peninsula? Saudi Arabia
What is the most significant geographical region of Saudi Arabia? Rub al Khali
The only people allowed to be citizens of Saudi Arabia are ______. Sunni Muslims
Which Saudi Arabian city is the most important in Islam? Mecca
What has been the focus of the al Saud Royal family over the past decades? modernization
Which term best describes the Saudi Arabian government? autocracy
What is the name of the legislative branch with members who are appointed? Consultative Council
What is the most powerful court in the Judicial Branch of the Saudi Arabia? High Court
When did women begin to vote and run for municipal elections for the first time? 2015
What is another term for Islamic Law? Sharia Law
The official language of Saudi Arabia is _____________. Arabic
_________________ are the only legal places of worship in Saudi Arabia. Mosques
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