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凯丽老师的课堂 13: 我饿了 Mrs

凯丽老师的课堂 13: 我饿了 Mrs. Kelly's Class 13: I'm Hungry

我wǒ I
饿è hungry
了le particle of completed action
妈妈māma mom
你nǐ you
忙máng busy
吗ma final interrogative particle
很hěn very
对duì correct
晚饭wǎnfàn dinner
做zuò do
好hǎo suffix indicating completion or readiness
大家dàjiā everyone
快kuài quick
吃chī eat
吧ba adding 吧 at the end of a sentence forms a suggestion
哇wā Wow!(expressing surprise or excitement)
沙拉shālā salad
真zhēn real, actual
开心kāixīn happy
饱bǎo full
还没…hái méi… not yet
困kùn sleepy
不bù not
自豪zìháo proud
Created by: kidselite



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