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Grade 6

level A -revew unit 4-6

Oracles someone or something that can predict the future
Limber (adj.) flexible
Limber (v.) cause to become flexible
Devastated to destroy; lay waste, leave in ruins
Discredit (n.) a loss or lack of belief, conficence, or reputation
Elusive difficult to catch or to hold; hard to explain or understand
Boisterous rough and noisy in a cheerful way; high-spirited
Idolizes worship as an idol, make an idol of; love very much
Scan (v.) examine close;y; to look over quickly buth thoroughly
Strife bitter disagreement; fighting, struggle
Eeri causing fear because of strangeness; weird, mysterious
Ravenous greedy; hungry; eager for satisfaction
Clarity clearness, accuracy
Pacify make peaceful or calm; soothe
Duration length of time that something continues or lasts
Plight (n.) sorry condition or state
Smug overly self-satisfied, self-righteous
Keepsake something kept in memory of the giver; souvenier
Gross (adj.) coarse, bulgar; very noticeable; total
Remorse deep and painful regret for one’s past misdeeds;pangs of conscience
Vagabonds (n.) idle wanderer; a tramp
Fidelity state of being faithful; accuracy in details; exactness
Maze network of paths through which it is hard to find one’s way
Aquit declare not guilty
Numb (adj.) having lost the power of feeling or movement
Repented feel sorry for what one has done or has failed to do
Blight (n.) a disease that causes plants to wither and die; a condition of disease or ruin
Inhabitants one living permantly in a given place
Induce cause, bring about; to persuade
Agenda the program for a meeting; a list, outline, or plan of things to be considered or done
Gory marked by bloodshed, slaughter, or violence
Reimburse pay back; give payment for
Headstrong willful, stubborn
Tarry delay leaving; remain or stay for a while
Created by: Samwaldorf
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