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(Chapter 5) Mr. Quincy warns Johnny to ____ ____ for himself. watch out
(Chapter 5) To get Cilla away from one to get to the courthouse, Rab shows Mrs. Lapham, an unrelated document and said "____ ____" as he took Cilla away. Governor's orders
(Chapter 5) Johnny returns with his cup a second time to ____ it to Mr. Lyte. sell
(Chapter 5) When Johnny proposes to sell the silver cup, Mr. Lyte ____ it ____. steals again
(Chapter 5) After Mr. Lyte steals Johnny's cup, Johnny runs to the ____. Observer
(Chapter 5) What's wrong with Goblin?He's ____ of ____. afraid everything
(Chapter 5) In the attic where Rab and Johnny meet, the ____ ____ also meets. Observer Club
(Chapter 5) Johnny promised Cilla that he wpuld met her at North ____ every ____ and Sunday afternoon. Square Thursday
(Chapter 5) By watching and listening to Rab, Johnny learns to ____ before he ____. think speaks
(Chapter 5) Because Jonny counted to 10 at the Adams house, he recieved an ____ and a ____. apology pie
(Chapter 5) Johnny is suprised the Rab is good at ____. fighting
(Chapter 6) There were only twenty days to convince to Governor to let the tea ships return because if the cargo was not unloaded in 20 days it might be ____ by the ____-house and sold at auction. siezed custom
(Chapter 6) Johnny tells all the members "You owe ____ ____ for your newspaper" to alert the members of the meeting the next day at 8pm. eight shillings
(Chapter 6) Johnny thought that Lavina Lyte was the ____ ____ woman he had ever seen. most disagreeable
(Chapter 6) John Adams and Josiah Quincy didn't want James Otis to know about the meeting because he might have become ____ ____. crazy again
(Chapter 6) December 16th is the ____ for the ships to unload or ____. deadline return
(Chapter 6) Sam Adams trusts the boys with the ____ for the Boston ____ Party. plans Tea
(Chapter 6) The names of the three tea ships are ____ ____ and ____. Dartmouth EleanorBeaver
(Chapter 6) Johnny couldn't sleep because he kept thinking about the ____ ____. tea ships
(Chapter 6) The tea ships were stuck at Griffin's Wharf because the town wouldn't let them ____ and the Governor wouldn't let them ____ until they unloaded. unload leave
(Chapter 6) When Rab and Johnny see Dove stealing tea, the ____ him ____. throw overboard
(Chapter 6) The idiom "pay the fiddler" means that there would be ____ for the ____ Party. consequences Tea
(Chapter 7) The effect Boston's punishment has on the other colonies is that it ____ them ____. brought together
(Chapter 7) The closing of Boston harbor causes many people to ____ their ____. lose jobs
(Chapter 7) The ____ and ____ Gage are to enforce British law in Boston. soldiers General
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