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UE Ortho

Elbow Biomechanis 1

What are the joints of the elbow? Humeroradial, radioulnar, Humeroulnar
What is the orientation of the articulating surfaces on the humerus in the frontal and sagittal plane? 6 Degrees of valgus in the frontal, Anteriorly rotated 30 degrees in the sagittal plane.
Name the ligaments of the elbow. lateral collateral lig, annular lig, medial collateral lig, capsule
How many parts of the medial collateral ligament are there and what are their names? 3/anterior, oblique, posterior
What are the flexor muscles of the elbow? biceps brachii, brachialis, and brachioradialis
What are the elbow extensor muscles of the elbow? triceps, anconeus
What kind of joint is the elbow? diarthrodial, modified hinge joint
How many degrees of freedom does the elbow joint have? one
What is the normal AROM for flexion at the elbow? 135-145 degrees
What is the normal PROM for flexion at the elbow? 150-160 degrees
Normal ROM for extension at the elbow is what? 0 degrees, maybe slight hyperextension
What two things may be limiting factors for ROM at the elbow? bony opposition, tight anterior musculature & capusle
Elbow flexion is naturally limited in what position? mid-to-full pronation
A capsular pattern of the elbow limits _____>_____. flexion > extension
What is the closed packed position of the humeroulnar joint? full extension and supination
What is the open packed position of the humeroulnar joint? 70 degrees flexion and 10 degrees supination
What is the closed packed position of the humeroradial joint? 90 degrees flexion and 10 degrees supination
What is the open packed position of the humeroradial joint? full extension and supination
What muscle is the "workhorse flexor?" brahialis
Muscle Activity of the brahialis is greatest at slightly > ____ degrees. 100
Is the brachialis affected by changes in forearm position? no
Biceps muscle activity is greatest between __-__ degrees. 80-100
Biceps is most effective as a ________ at __ degrees of flexion. supinator/90
The brachialis, triceps, and biceps are spurt or shunt muscles? spurt
The brachioradialis is a spurt or shunt muscle? shunt
The brachioradialis is strongest at __-___ degrees of flexion. 90-120
Max torque of the triceps is achieved at __ degrees of flexion. 90
The medial head of the triceps is always active during what motion? extension
The long and lateral heads of the triceps are active with ________ or increased speed of contraction. resistance
The radial head is convex or concave? convex
The radial notch is concave or convex? concave
The distal end of the radius is convex or concave? concave
The distal end of the ulna is convex or concave? convex
What is another name for the radioulnar disc? triangular fibrocartilage disc(TFCC)
What are the three functions of the TFCC? 1.binds distal ulna and radius, 2.provides dual articular surface, 3.separates radioulnar from radiocarpal joint
What kind of joints are the radioulnar joints? diarthrodial pivot joints
How many degrees of freedom do the radioulnar joints have? one
Pronation/supination occur in what plane? horizontal
How many degrees of pronation do we have? 80-85
How many degrees of supination do we have? 85-90
With a capsular pattern of the radioulnar joint _____ is limited more than _____. pronation > supination
Proximal Radioulnar closed packed position is what? full ext. and 5 deg. sup.
Proximal Radioulnar open packed position is what? 70 deg. flex. and 35 deg. sup.
Distal Radioulnar closed packed position is what? 5 degrees supination
Distal Radioulnar open packed position is what? 10 degrees supination
Created by: txst fall 2009



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