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Ch. 21, 22, & 23

Chapter 21, 22, and 23 Patient Care Review

Name the 5 radiographic densities, from the lowest subject contrast to the highest. air (gas), fat, water, mineral, metal
What does the abbreviation IM stand for when giving a medication? intramuscular
What is a drug name that is unique to the drug, given by the manufacturer? trade (brand) name
What does the PDR stand for and what does it do? PDR: Physician's Desk Reference annual publication that contains current drug information
Give the definition of analgesic. drugs that relieve pain without causing a loss of consciousness
True or False: Any characteristic that makes a drug undesirable or improper is its side effect. false
The drug Benadryl is being called by the drug's ______________ name. trade (brand)
What is the name of the contrast commonly used for MRI? gadolinium
When the use of a negative contrast (air) and a positive contrast (barium) are used, what type of examination is this considered? double contrast or upper GI series
What would you do if your patient has been given contrast media, and moments later, is developing urticaria and complaints of itching? closely monitor the patient, look for signs of worsening, and notify the radiologist of the patients reactions
What is a drug that promotes bowel evacuation? laxatives
Give the definition of pharmacology. the study of drugs and their origin
What is a radiopharmaceutical? pharmaceutical compound that is attached to a radioisotope
What does BUN (laboratory test) stand for? blood, urea, and nitrogen
BUN and creatinine are used to determine a patient's __________________. kidney function
The prevention of contrast media reactions depends on what main factor? patient history
What is a contraindication for someone needing barium sulfate? bowel perforation
Contrast agents are generally classified as __________________ and _______________. positive and negative
Name the purpose for using contrast media during radiographic examinations. enhance low subject contrast
A non-prescription drug is also known as _________________. an over the counter drug
Give the definition of anaphylaxis. a shock to the body due to an allergic reaction
Name a medication that is commonly used to treat type 2 diabetes. metformin
What does the abbreviation STAT mean? immediately
Name the 5 "rights" of drug administration. 1. right time 2. right patient 3. right drug 4. right route 5. right amount
List the routes of administration. 1. Enteral -sublingual -buccal -rectal -oral 2. Topical 3. Parenteral
Who is a person licensed to prepare and dispense drugs? pharmacist
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