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Digital Radiography

Digital Radiography: An introduction Chapter 1and 2 (Euclid Seeram)

This term refers to projection radiography or filmless radiography whereby computers process data collected from patients using special electronic detectors that have replaced the x-ray film cassette. Digital radiography
The log of the ratio of the intensity of the light falling upon radiology film to the intensity of the transmitted light through the film. Optical density
In the imaging process, a plot of the optical density to the logarithm of the relative radiation exposure. Characteristic curve
The purpose of the characteristic curve is to indicate the degree of _______ that a film can display using a range of exposures. contrast
The ____ _____ refers to the sensitivity of the film to radiation. film speed
The film speed is _______ proportional to the exposure inversely
Film based imaging is limited in its contrast resolution. Film-screen cannot show differences in tissue contrast less than ___%. 10
____ _________ refers to the collection of x-rays transmitted through the patient. Data acquisition
The computer uses special software to create or build up digital images using the ______ number system. binary
Discrete units used by computers for processing information bits
A comprehensive computer system that is responsible for the electronic storage and distribution of medical images in the medical enterprise. PACS
What does PACS stand for? Picture archiving and communication systems
The application of information technology to medical imaging is referred to as ____ ______ ________. Medical imaging informatics
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