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Prego Chapter 3

Prego chapter 3 vocab

abitare to live (in a place)
amare to love
andare to go
andare (a+inf.) to go (to do something)
andare a piedi to walk, go on foot
andare (in+mode of transportation) to go by mode of transportation
andare d'accordo to get along
arrivare to arrive
ascoltare to listen, listen to
aspettare to wait, wait for
ballare to dance
cambiare to change
cantare to sing
cercare to look for
cominciare to begin, start
comprare to buy
dare to give
dare un esame to take a test
dimenticare to forget
fare to do; to make
frequentare to attend (a school or class)
guardare to watch, look at
imparare to learn
imcontrare to meet
insegnare to teach
lavorare to work
mangiare to eat
parlare to speak, talk
spiegare to explain
stare to stay
stare attento to pay attention; to be careful
stare bene/male to be well/unwell
studiare to study
suonare to play (an instrument)
telefonare (a) to telephone, call
l'aula classroom
la casa house, home
la chimica chemistry
la classe class (group of students)
il compito homework
il corso class (course of study)
il cugino/ la cugina cousin
l'economica e commercio business administration
l'esame (m.) exam, test
la facoltá department, school (within a university)
la famiglia family
il figlio/ la figlia son/ daughter
il fratello brother
i genitori parents
la giurisprudenza law
l'informatica computer science
l'insegnante (m./f.) teacher
la legge law
le lettere liberal arts
la libreria bookstore
la lingua launguage
la madre (la mamma) mother (mom)
il marito husband
la materia (di studio) subjest matter
la mattina morning
la moglie (pl. le mogli) wife
il/la nipote grandson/granddaughter/nephew/niece
il nonno/ la nonna grandfather/grandmother
gli (esami) scritti written exams
la sera evening
la sorella sister
la specializzazione major (in)
la storia (d'arte) (art) history
gli studi studies
lo zio/ la zia uncle/ aunt
bravo in good at (a subject of study)
difficile difficult, hard
facile easy
ogni (inv.) every, each
preferito proferred, favorite
straniero foreign
tipico (m. pl. tipici) typical
(che) cosa? what?
dopo after
meno less
non... mai never
perché why
presto early
sempre always
spesso often
stamattina this morning
stasera tonight, this evening
volintieri gladly, willingly
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