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Dakota Conflict

Why were the Dakota angry? They were hungry, the government had not kept their promise of money and food, there had been a drought, and they were living on a small reservation.
Where did the Battle of the Eggs happen? Acton
How many Dakota warriors attacked the people at Acton? 4
Who was the leader of the Dakota at this time? Little Crow
How did Little Crow feel about attacking the white people of Minnesota? He thought the Dakota would lose the battle.
Why did the Dakota think this would be a good time to attack the white settlers of Minnesota? Most of the men in Minnesota
Where was the 1st place that the Dakota attactked? Lower Sioux Agency
List some places that the Dakota attacked. New Ulm, Fort Ridgely, Birch Coulee, and Wood Lake
Who was the leader of the Minnesota Militia? Henry Sibley
What nickname did some of the settlers have for Henry Sibley? undertaker
What scared the Dakota at Fort Ridgely? cannon
Where was the last battle of the war? Wood Lake
What happened to the innocent men, women, and children? They were sent on a march to Fort Snelling
How many warriors were put on trial? 400
How many warriors were found guilty? 300
Bishop Whipple asked who to not hang 300 warriors? President Lincoln
How many Dakota were hung? 38
Where were they hung? Mankato
When were they hung? December 26, 1862
What happened to Little Crow? He was shot and killed a year later while picking berries
After Fort Snelling where were the Dakota sent? They were sent to the Crow Creek reservation in South Dakota
Created by: stcbwilliams