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Social psych

conducted the study where participants were given one of two types of sentence completion task. When the prompt was open minded "I am a(n).. person" self definition of an individual applied. When the prompt "I am a(n)... when" the response was contingent Mendoza-Denton, Ayduk, Mischel,Shoda,Testa 2001
asked participants to take a survey about work issues or campus socializing. got the same results on a second study with a chinese american identity study Leboeuf et. al 2010
These researchers studied young people who elect to get body piercings or tattoos in visible parts of the body. emphasize or embrace Jetten, Branscombe, Schmitt, Spears 2001
How is Attitude fromation classical conditioning, instrumental conditioning, observational learning
Describer gender differences in relation to women they have more relational interdependence .
Describe gender differences in relation to men they have more collective interdependence
What characteristics must credible sources have Competence and expertise
Most common approach to achieve persuasion Communication from others, tv, mail
What are the cultural differences in defining the self interdependent view and independent view
What are the sources of self concept introspection, self perception, social comparison, others view
the wooden peg study. gave participants either 1 or 20 dollars to tell a waiting participant that the tasks were interesting . Festinger and Carlsmith 1959
Measured how single and married people are characterized. married were described as kind caring and loving. DePaulo and Morris 2006
His work on shifting standards indicates that the same evaluation ratings can be given to members of different groups Biernat 2012
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