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Theology 11 Clapp

Baptism in the OT. Their were many symbols of baptism in the old testament. Prefiguring it.
St. John the Baptist and the Baptism he preached. He preached only to forgive sins, it was not a sacrament yet. To prepare the way for the Lord.
Original sin & concupiscence. This inclination toward sin and evil is called "concupiscence". Baptism, erases original sin and turns a man back towards God. The inclination toward sin and evil persists, however, and he must continue to struggle against concupiscence).
Immersion The action of immersing someone or something in a liquid.
Affusion Is a method of baptism where water is poured on the head of the person being baptized.
The valid form (words) of Baptism. The pouring or sprinkling of water on the head or by immersion in water.
Baptism of Blood Catholic Church explaining that those who desire baptism, but are not baptized with water through the Christian Sacrament because of death, nevertheless receive the fruits of Baptism at the moment of death
Baptism of Desire Having the desire to be baptized before death makes assures them salvation.
Eastern Rites of Baptism. Eastern: Child is baptized immersed three times. then Child is held facing east, by the godparents in the entrance of the Church. Priest blows in child's face in the form of the cross. (Driving away Satan and demons).
Latin Rites of Baptism. What name have you given the child. What do you ask of Gods church. Godparents and sponsors. Ceremony. Then Parents and God parents trace the trinity on the child's forehead. After readings, questions, the minister uses blessed water. Then Holy Chrism.
Sign of cross 1
Word of God 2
Petitions and litany of saints 3
Anointing of oil of catechumen 4
Renew baptismal promises 5
Baptism 6
Anoint holy chrism 7
White garment and candle 8
Lords prayer 9
Blessings 10
Baptism for salvation. It is the gateway to Jesus' promised land in heaven with him and God.
Key Ideas: Baptism has its roots in the OT & in human nature.
Baptism was instituted by Christ who stated it was necessary for salvation
Baptism removes the stain of original sin and grants us many gifts (know the list).
The Origins of the Practice of Baptism: Prefigured in the OT. i. Noah & the Flood. ii. The Crossing of the Red Sea in Exodus. iii. The Crossing of the Jordan River into the Promised Land.
Jewish rites of purification using blood or water.
Baptism can be a beautiful ceremony, rich in symbolism or, in case of an emergency; it can be a simple pouring of water by any person.
St. John the Baptist: repentance for the forgiveness of sins.
Jesus was baptized to ID himself with all humankind.
Jesus instituted the Sacrament: something old and something new.
Baptism: i. Frees us of personal sin. ii. Frees us from Original Sin. iii. Incorporates us in the Body of Christ. iv. Grants sanctifying grace. v. Calls each person to live out the mission of Christ as
1. Prophet. 2. Priest. 3. King.
b. But concupiscence remains. Requires struggle
Infant Baptism has historical roots. Why? Not so much about infant as about the community (esp. parents) that agrees to raise the child as Christian.
The way Baptism is done (practiced) in the Catholic Church: a. Matter: Water must touch the person either by i. Immersion (dunking). ii. Affusion (pouring). b. Form: “John, I baptize you…” Trinitarian formula. Must say name.
The way Baptism is done (practiced) in the Catholic Church: continued: c. Minister: i. Ordinary: Bishop, priest, deacon. ii. Extraordinary: Any person, but only in case of emergency. d. Eastern & Western Rites.
Know also: a. The various forms of the Cross. b. The names of the Crosses.
Created by: andrerichard
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