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Leadership Ch2

MGMT 4305 Lussier Leadership 6e Ch02

Achievement Motivation Theory it attempts to explain and predict behavior and performance based on a person's need for achievement, power, and affiliation
Adjustment Personality Dimension it includes traits of emotional stability and self-confidence
Agreeableness Personality Dimension it includes traits of sociability and emotional intelligence
Attitudes are positive or negative feelings about people, things and issues
Big Five Model of Personality it categorizes traits into the dimensions of surgency, agreeableness, adjustment, conscientiousness, and openness to experience
Conscientiousness Personality Dimension it includes traits of dependability and integrity
Ethics they are the standards of right and wrong that influence behavior
Leader Motive Profile (LMP) it includes a high need for power, which is socialized, that is greater than the need for affiliation and with a moderate need for achievement
Leader Motive Profile Theory it attempts to explain and predict leadership success based on a person's need for achievement, power, and affiliation
Moral Justification it is the thinking process of rationalizing why unethical behavior is used
Openness To-Experience Personality Dimension- it includes traits of flexibility, intelligence, and internal locus of control
Personality it is a combination of traits that classifies an individual's behavior
Personality Profiles they identify individual stronger and weaker traits
Pygmalion Effect it proposes that leaders' attitudes toward and expectations of followers, and their treatment of them, explain and predict followers' behavior and performance
Self-Concept Concept- it refers to the positive or negative attitudes people have about themselves
Stakeholder Approach to Ethics one creates a win-win situation for relevant parties affected by the decision
Surgency Personality Dimension it includes dominance, extraversion, and high energy with determination
Theory X and Theory Y it attempts to explain and predict leadership behavior and performance based on the leader's attitude about followers
Traits they are distinguishing personal characteristics
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