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Digital Radiography

Digital Radiography: An introduction Chapter 3 (Euclid Seeram)

____ ________ refers to X-ray exposure of the phosphor plate storage. Image Acquisition
Photostimulable phosphors have the property of creating and storing a ____ _____ when exposed to x-rays. latent image
The _____ _____ contains the photostimulable phosphor. imaging plate
The phosphors that meet the certain radiological requirements are ____ _____ _____ _______. Barium Flouro Halide: Europium
The phosphor is usually doped with _________ , which acts as an activator to improve the efficiency of PSL. Europium
When x-rays fall upon the PSP IP, the europium atoms are ionized by the radiation and the electrons move from the valence band to the _______ ____. Conduction band
Electrons in the conduction band are in a higher energy state and free to move into an electron trap known as the __ ______. F center
The number of trapped electrons is ________ to the absorbed radiation. proportional
The process of rendering the latent image visible by taking the PSP IP to a CR reader to be scanned by a laser beam. Photostimulated excitation
The laser light in the CR reader causes the trapped electrons to move up to the conduction band, where they are free to return to the ______ ____. Valence band
When the electrons transition from a higher energy state to a lower energy state: it results in an emission of bluish-purple light referred to as ____________ ________. photostimulable luminescence
The PSL from the IP is collected and sent to a _______ ____ that produces an electrical signal which is subsequently sent off to the ADC. photomultiplier tube
The time it takes for the latent image to disappear. Fading
The PSL decreases by about 25% if the time between exposure and image reading is ___ hours or more. 8
Standard resolution IPs have thick _____ ______ and absorb more radiation. phosphor layers
High resolution IPs have thinner phosphor layers and provide _____ images. sharper
___ ________ ___ have thinner phosphors which reduce the lateral spreading of the laser light. High resolution IPs
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