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North Africa and Southwest Asia Vocabulary

theocracy a government whose ruler was religious leader and king
pharaoh ruler of Ancient Egypt
hieroglyphics the Ancient Egyptian form of writing, using signs and symbols
irrigation system plan using ditches to control flooding and better water the land
empire group of lands under one ruler
monotheism belief that there is only one god
hajj religious journey to Makkah that Muslims are expected to make
polytheistic believing in more than one god
five pillars of faith basic religious obligations of Islam
civilization a culture that has reached a certain level of development, including a written language, cities, and specialized jobs
pyramid a huge stone structure that served as an elaborate tomb or monument
scribe one who records information by writing
mosque place of worship for Muslims
scapegoat one who is wrongly blamed by others
messiah a savior sent by God, in Judaism and Christianity
papyrus tall plant in the Nile valley, used in making a form of paper
desalinization process of removing salt to make seawater drinkable
embargo order that restricts or prohibits trade with a certain country
trade the buying, selling, or exchanging of goods
revolution great and often violent change
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