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RAD associations

radiology associations

Accreditation voluntary peer process through which an agency grants recognition to an institution for a program of study thtat meets specified criteria
Joint Review Committee (JRC) The board of directors or governing body of a sponsoring organization whose members make recommendations on the accreditation status of schools
Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JCERT) Est 1969, 5th oldest allied health profession, it accredits around 600 radiography programs as well as around 80 radiation therapy programs
Certification voluntary process through which an agency grants recognition to an individual on demonstration, usually by exam, of specialized professional skills
American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) est 1922 by the RSNA, its purpose is to encourage study of RT, examine and certify eligible candidates, and publish a listh of registrants
number of credits needed for recertification 24
recertification is required how often? biennialy (2yrs)
this organization publishes a lit of Registered Techs (RT)s ARRT
RT registered technologist
R Radiographer
T Radiation therapy
N nuclear medicine
CI cardiac interventional technology
VI vascular interventional technology
M mammography
CT computed tomography
MR magnetic resonance imaging
QM quality management
S Sonography
VS Vascular sonography
BS breast sonography
BD bone densitomotry
RA radiological assistant
NCT nuclear cardiology
PET positron emission tomography
Licensure process by which a governmental agency - usually a state- grants permission to individuals to practice their profession
Professional Societies represent the interests of various groups to the public and to governmental bodies
American Healthcare Radiology Administrators (AHRA) promotes management practice in imaging administration
American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) est 1920, is the most prominent voice for radiologic technologists. It represents practioners, educators, managers, administrators, and students. it represents about half of all RT's in the US, and publishes the journal "radiologic technology"
Association of Educators in Imaging and Radiologic Sciences, Inc (AEIRS) EST 1967, is a national association of educators which publishes "radiologic science and education"
Association of Vascular and Interventional Radiographers (AVIR) for those who specialize in cardiovascular and interventioinal radiology
International Society of Radiographers and Radiologic Technologists (ISRRT) est 1959, international and nongovernmental organization with official relations with the world health organization. Has 65 member countries and facilitates communication with RT's worldwide
American Board of Radiology (ABR) est 1964 to conduct the certification of radiologists. REquires medical degree plus 4 years residency
American Medical Association (AMA) est 1847, largest and most active medical association in the world. around 70% of Dr's in this, they publish "JAMA"
American Roentgen Ray Society (ARRS) Oldest American radiological society. Primary objectives are educational, publishes "american journal of roentgenology"
Radiological Society of North America formerly the Western Roentgen Society, publishes "radiolgy", sometimes referred to as the gray journal, and also "radiographics", conducts the worlds largest radiology meeting
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