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W. Geography Ch. 8

Aspects of Culture & Religions

Culture- the language, literature, music, food, and clothing that characterize a group of people's lives
Customs- traditions people follow, such as how they celebrate holidays, births, marriage, and parenthood
Animism- belief that nature, animals, and elements have spirits; led by shamans, one of earliest forms of religion
Hinduism- ancient religion that stresses living according to one's status in hopes of reincarnating into a higher status until one reaches union with the Supreme Being-Brahma
Buddhism- philosophy of self-denial and mediation to follow the 8-fold path to Nirvana to end the cycle of rebirth by giving up selfish desires
Judaism- first monotheistic religion founded by Abraham, given the 10 Commandments by Moses, and recorded in the Old Testament
Christianity- based on the teachings of Jesus and the New Testament; spread by the apostles who preached the risen Christ
Islam- founded by Muhammad among the Bedouins of Arabia who followed the 5 Pillars that unified all believers
Sikhism- a mixture of Islam and Hinduism that stressed the holiness of all creatures and one god
Gender Roles- the expected rules of behavior, such as women caring for children and the home and men working
Urban- living in towns and cities
Rural- living in the countryside
Multicultural- society containing a mix of cultures such as the US and Canada
Social Class- people sharing similar levels of wealth, power, and prestige
Social Mobility- the ability to change one's social class through education or work ethic
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