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pharm drugs-rau

pharm drugs, classifications

What are the noncategorized adrenergic bronchodilators? albuterol (ventolin), isoproternol (isuprel), ,terbutaline (brethine),
brand name for epineprhine? adrenalin
brand name for isoetharine? bronkosol
brand name for albuterol? ventolin, proventil
brand name for bitolterol? tornolate
brand name for salmeterol? serevent
brand name for isoproternol? isuprel
brand name for metaproterenol? alupent, metaprel
brand name for terbutaline? brethine, brethaire
brand name for pirbuterol? maxair
brand name for levalbuterol? xopenex
what is the adrenergic TBT mucosal decongestant/bronchodilator? racemic epinephrine
brand name for racemic epinephrine? micronefrin, asthmanefrin
what are the parasympatholytic (anticholinergic) bronchodilators? atropine, ipratropium (atrovent), oxitropium bromide, ipratropium bromide and albuterol (combivent or duoneb)
what are the methylxanthine bronchodilators? theophylline, aminophylline
What are the mucus controlling agents? acetylcysteine (mucomyst), alpha dornase (pulmozyme)
what are the surface acting agents? ethyl alcohol (ethanol), exosurf, survanta, curosuf
What are the steroid anti-inflammatory agents? dexamethasone (decadron), beclomethasone (beclovent, vanceril), triamcinolone (azmacort), flunisolide (aerobid), fluticasone/salmeterol (advair), fluticasone (flovent), budisonide (pulmocort)
brand name for dexamethasone? decadron
brand name for beclomethasone? beclovent, vanceril
brand name for triamcinolone? azmacort
brand name for flunisolide? aerobid
brand name for fluticacone/salmeterol? advair
brand name for fluticasone? flovent
brand name for budisonide? pulmocort
what are the mediator antagonist agents (mast cell stabilizers)? cromolyn sodium (intal, aarane), nedocomil sodium (tilade), zafirlukast (accolate), zileuton (zyflo)
what are the anti-tuberculosis agents? isoniazid, rifampin, ethambutol
what are the antibiotic/anti-infective agents? ethromycin, tobramycin (TOBI), trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole (TMP-SMZ, bactrim), amphotericin B, pentamidine
what are the anti-viral agents? AZT (zidovudine), ribavirin (virazole), zanamivir (relenza)
what are the neuromuscular blocking agents? tubocurarine (curare), pancuronium (pavulon), vecuronium (norcuron), succinylcholine (anectine)
what are the sedative/hypnotic/tranquilizers? ativan, diprivan, valium, versed
what are the antihypertensive agents? methyldopa (aldomet), hydralazine (apresoline), prazosin (minipress), benazepril (lotensin), metoprolol (lopressor), nitroprusside (nipride)
what are the antianginal agents? nitroglycerine (nitrostat), nifedipine (procardin), amyl nitrite
what are the vasoconstriction (vasopressor) agents? dopamine, epinephrine
what are the anticoagulant agents? heparin, coumadin, warfarin
what are the anticoagulant antagonist agents? protamine, vitamin K
what are the diuretic agents? chlorothiazide (diuril), furosemide (lasix), mannitol, ethacrnic acid (edecrin), acetazolamide (diamox), spironolactone (aldoctone)
what are the ultra short acting adrenergic bronchodilators? epineprhine (adrenalin), isoetharine (bronkosol)
what is the adrenergic bronchodilator that is a prodrug? bitolterol (tornolate)
what is the long acting adrenergic bronchodilator? salmeterol (serevent)
what is the short acting adrenergic bronchodilator? metaproterenol (alupent, metaprel, pirbuterol (maxair), levalbuterol (xopenex)
brand name for cromolyn sodium? intal, aarane
brand name for nedocomil sodium? tilade
brand name for zafirlukast? accolate
brand name for zileuton? zyflo
brand name for tobramycin? TOBI
brand name for trimethoprin-sulfamethoxazole? TMP-SMZ, Bactrim
brand name for pentamidine? pentam
brand name for vancomycin? vancocin
brand name for AZT? zidovudine
brand name for ribavirin? virazole
brand name for zanamivir? relenza
brand name for tubocurarine? curare
brand name for pancuronium? pavulon
brand name for methyldopa? aldomet
brand name for hydralazine? apresoline
brand name for prazosin? minipress
brand name for benazepril? lotensin
brand name for metoprolol? lopressor
brand name for nitroprusside? nipride
brand name for nitroglycerine? nitrostat
brand name for nifedipine? procardia
brand name for chlorothiazide? diuril
brand name for furosemide? lasix
brand name for ethacrnic acid? edecrin
brand name for acetazolamide? diamox
brand name for spironolactone? aldoctone
what is the anticonvulsant agent? dilantin
what are the anti-emetic agents? sparine, phenergan
what are the narcotic analgesic agents? morphine, demorol, codeine, talwin
what are the non narcotic analgesic/antipyretic agents? aspirin, acetaminophen
what are the nonsteroid analgesic/anti-inflammatory agent? ibuprofen
what is the most notable narcotic antagonist agent? narcan
what is the most notable repspiratory agent? dopram
what are the cardiac glycosides? digitalis, digitoxin
what are the cardiac anti-arryhthmic agents? lidocaine (xylocaine), verapamil (calan), propanolol (inderal), diltiazem (cardizem)
brand name for lidocaine? zylocaine
brand name for verapamil? calan
brand name for propanolol? inderal
brand name for diltiazem? cardizem
what are the cardiac stimulants? epi, isproterenol, dobutamine (dobutrex)
brand name for succinycholine? anectine
brand name for vecuronium? nocuron
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