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Human World

Social Studies - Chapter 3

death rate the number of deaths compared to the total number of individuals in a population at a time
rural areas that are sparsely populated
urbanization when cities grow larger and spread into surrounding areas
human rights the rights that belong to all individuals
birth rate the number of babies born compared to total number of people in a population at a time
emigrate to leave one's home to live in another place
culture the set of beliefs, behaviors, and traits shared by a group of people
globalization the process by which nations, cultures, and economies become mixed
population density the average number of people living within a square mile or square kilometer
immigrate to enter and live in a new country
ethnic group a group of people with common racial, national, tribal, religious, or cultural backgrounds
urban areas that are densely populated
cultural region a geographic area in which people have certain traits in common
renewable resource resources that can be totally replaced or replenished
refugee a person who leaves a country because of war, violence, or natural disaster
megalopolis a huge city or cluster of cities with an extremely large population
democracy a type of government run by the people
representative democracy a form of democracy in which citizens elect government leaders to represent the people
monarchy a government whose ruler, a king or queen, inherits the position from a parent
dictatorship a form of government in which one person has absolute power to rule and control the government, the people, and the economy
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