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4th grade chapters 1 & 2

The truth that the Son of God became man Incarnation
Where do we read about Jesus's life? The gospels
Where do we find the gospels? New Testament
What did Jesus call God and what does it mean? Abba meaning Father
What do we learn from Jesus' teachings? About God and how he wants us to live
Those who say yes to Jesus's call Disciples
What did Jesus promise to send to help the disciples remember everything Jesus had taught them? Holy Spirit
The Holy Spirit is the third person in what? Holy Trinity
Who are the three persons in the Holy Trinity? God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit
What happened at Pentecost? Jesus returned to strengthen the Apostles. They were inspired to spread the Good News.
The community of people who are baptized and follow Jesus Christ Church
How do we become members of the Church? Through our baptism
The new life we receive at baptism Grace
Where did pentecost take place? Upper room
The first sin committed by the first human beings Original sin
The title given to Jesus because he died and rose to save us from sin Savior
Who was Dorothy Day? Dorothy Day helped people who were homeless and hungry. She stood up for peace and injustice by starting a soup kitchen to deed the poor and a newspaper called the Catholic Worker Movement.
What are 2 examples from the Gospels of Jesus trusting God? 1. When he was tempted by the devil in the desert 2. Through prayer - alone throughout his life and Garden of Gethsemane before his death
The freedom that comes from loving and trusting God and respecting all people Peace
Teachings of Jesus that describe the way to live as his disciple. We learn from these that God offers hope for everyone. Beatitudes
The power of God's love active in the world. The power is shown in Jesus' words and actions. Kingdom of God
How are the Beatitudes connected to the Kingdom of God? The show us how to act to create the Kingdom of God?
Respecting the rights of others and giving them what is rightfully theirs Justice
After Jesus ascended into heaven, what was the Apostle's mission? To share the Good News of Jesus
Name 3 ways the Apostles shared the Good News of Jesus? 1. Told others the Good News - that Jesus died to save us 2. Baptized others 3. Gathered together to praise God 4. Showed God's love through their words and actions 5. Reached out to the poor and sick
What is our mission? Continue the mission of the disciples
Who was Oscar Romero? He was the Archbishop of El Salvador in the 1970s. He lived out the beatitudes by speaking out to defend the poor and the Church. He was killed saying mass.
How is Jesus human? He was made by God, looks like us, acts like us, has parents, born on Earth
How is Jesus divine? He was without sin, He has the power to heal, He rose from the dead, He performed miracles
How can we show that we trust in God? Praying with others
How can you help the Kingdom of God grow? Being kind to others; giving food to people who are in need
Created by: schmaltzla