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Unit1 Social Studies

Study Guide

continent land mass that supports life for plants, animals, and humans. Earth has 7 continents.
legend tells you what the symbols on a map mean
compass rose tells you which direction locations are on a map
lines of latitude these lines divide the globe into Northern and Southern hemispheres.
lines of longitude these lines divide the globe into Eastern and Western hemispheres.
Prime Meridian the most famous line of longitude
Equator the most famous line of latitude
global another word meaning "international;" all over the world
Black Market the illegal sale of goods; usually items sold here are stolen and sold much cheaper than stores.
Grid System Lines of latitude and longitude that help people locate destinations on maps.
absolute location An address or set of coordinates that gives the location of a specific destination.
relative location The location of a place in relationship to another landmark; words like "beside," "next to," and "across from" help pinpoint the area.
hemispheres half of a sphere; one equal side of the globe is called a hemisphere.
map scale Used on a map to tell distance from one location to another.
imports items shipped into a country or state
exports items shipped out of a country or state
international trade trading goods and services between countries
interstate trade trading goods and services between states
pros of trade makes money for exporters; gives most locations the ability to specialize; makes goods cheaper
cons of trade poor countries cannot keep up with richer countries; people who cannot afford expensive goods will buy from the Black Market; poor countries lose jobs while richer countries get more jobs.
Arkansas's top 5 Imports aircraft parts, tricycles/scooters, oil lines, television reception parts, footwear parts
Arkansas's top 5 Exports aircraft parts, rice, paper, bombs, frozen poultry
Created by: lhinson