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Gen Psych 1,2

Tip-of-the-Tongue Phenomenon The inability to pull a word from memory even though there is the sensation that the word is available
Structuralism A school of American psychology that sought to describe the element of conscious experience
Scientist-Practitioner Model A model of the training of professional psychologists that emphasizes the development of both research & clinical skills
Realism A point of view that emphasizes the importance of the senses in providing knowledge of the external world
Psychophysics Study of the relationships between physical stimuli & the perception of those stimuli
Practitioner-Scholar Model A model of training of professional psychologists that emphasizes clinical practice
Neural Impulse An Electro-Chemical signal that enables neurons to communicates
Introspection A method of focusing on internal process
Individual Differences Ways in which people differ in terms of their behavior, emotion, cognition, & development
Gestalt Psychology An attempt to study the unity of experience
Flashbulb Memory A highly detailed & vivid memory of an emotionally significant event
Functionalism A school of American Psychology that focused on the utility of consciousness.
Eugenics The practice of selective breeding to promote desired traits
Empiricism The belief that knowledge comes from experience
Consciousness Awareness of ourselves & our environment
Cognitive Psychology The study of Mental Processes
Behaviorism The study of Behavior
Empirical Method Approaches to inquiry that are tied to actual measurement and observation
Ethics Professional guidelines that offer researchers a template for making decisions that protect research participants from harm/help steer scientists away from conflicts of interest or other situations that might compromise the integrity of their research
Hypothesis A logical idea that can be tested
Systematic Observation The careful observation of the natural world with the aim of better understanding it. Observations provide the best data that allow scientists to track, tally, or otherwise organize information about the natural world
Theories Groups of closely related phenomena or observations
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