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10 - Genesis

Key points in the book of Genesis

QuestionAnswerMemory Hint
Genesis 1 The creation.
Genesis 3 The Fall A small snake falling off of a very tall stool.
Genesis 4 Cain and the genealogies. A snake in a sports car runs over Abel before zooming off down a timeline.
Genesis 6 The flood A snake drowning in the flood is vigorously firing a revolver to get the attention of those in the ark.
Genesis 9 God's covenant with Noah, Ham's sin. A cat handing a stone tablet with a covenent on it, to a snake which is perched ontop o fan ark. There are bottles of wine all around.
Genesis 10 Genealogies after Noah A snake lining up big toes, which he has labeled with different peoples names.
Genesis 11 Tower of Babel. Abraham's Genealogy A snake is using two goal posts like a transit to make sure the tower of Babel is plumb. Behind him there is a feshly cooked ham roast with the generaltions of Abraham seared into the surface.
Genesis 12 Covenant with Abraham. Sarai and Pharaoho. A snake is given a covenant, in which he sees thousands of snake eggs spreading our over all the land on all sides.
Genesis 13 Abraham and Lot A witch and a snake separating.
Genesis 15 God's covenant with Abraham about children A snake sees in a vision, that he will have many childrn, and that they will be spending all his money.
Genesis 17 Circumcision I can't think of one.
Genesis 18 Abraham and Sarah's faith tested. A snake wearing a graduation hat goes out to meet the angels, who tell him he will have a son.
Genesis 19 Sodom destroyed A snake swinging a great golf club, with fire and brimstone on the end.
Genesis 21 Isaac A snake receiving a promised beer bottle.
Genesis 23 Death of Sarah A snake saddly burrying his wife, which is a cocroach.
Genesis 24 Isaac's marriage A young snake in a wedding gown.
Genesis 25 Death of Abraham Esau sells his birthrite. A snake burrying a ham in quarters, some of which he sells for a pot of stew.
Genesis 26 Life of Isaac. Well digging. A snake blasting wells out of the ground using a revolver cartridge. His blasting mats are two huge shoes.
Genesis 27 Life of Jacob, stealing of the blessing, work for Rachel A snake flipping a dice between two shoes to decide who he will get to marry, and which sheep he gets to keep.
Genesis 32 Jacob fights with angel. A snake trying to stand on a stool while whacking an angel with his shoes.
Genesis 34 Jacob's life in Canaan. Isaac and Rachel die. A snake driving a hurse with the coffins perched no a stool in the back.
Genesis 37 Joseph's family sins agains him and the Canaanites. A snake watching a dice being dropped form a tall stool to decided how much he shall be sold as a slave for.
Genesis 39 Joseph in Egypt. Potiphers wife, prison, Pharaoh's dreams. A big cat eating a snake while perched ontop of a great big pyramid. He is directing all the work.
Genesis 42 Joseph's family comes to Egypt. A snake driving a car full of shoes to be traded for food.
Genesis 1-5 The creation and fall (blank)
Genesis 6-9 Flood and Noah (blank)
Genesis 10-11:9 Tower of Babel (blank)
Genesis 11:10-25 Abraham (blank)
Genesis 25-26 Isaac (blank)
Genesis 27-36 Jacob (blank)
Genesis 37-50 Joseph (blank)
Created by: Man of God