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Hospital Drugs

1-75 Drugs

Ofirmev acetaminophen analgesic
Adrenalin epinephrine andrenergic
Levophed norepinephrine andrenergic
Neo-Synephrine phenylephrine andrenergic
Marcaine, Sensorcaine bupivacaine anesthetic
Diprivan propofol anesthetic
Xylocaine lidocaine anesthetic, antiarrhythmic
Versed midazolam anesthetic adjunct
Nexium esomeprazole antacid/antiulcer
Pepcid famotidine antacid/antiulcer
Prevacid lansoprazole antacid/antiulcer
Protonix pantoprazole antacid/antiulcer
Zantac ranitidine antacid/antiulcer
Ativan lorazepam antianxiety
Adenocard adenosine antiarrhythmic
atropine anticholinergic
Angiomax bivalirudin anticoagulant
Lovenox enoxaparin anticoagulant
heparin anticoagulant
Novolog insulin aspart antidiabetic
Levemir insulin detemir antidiabetic
Lantus insulin glargine antidiabetic
Apidra insulin glulisine antidiabetic
Humulin N, Novolin N insulin isophane (NPH) antidiabetic
Humalog insulin lispro antidiabetic
Humulin R, Novolin R insulin regular antidiabetic
Romazicon flumazenil antidote
naloxone naloxone antidote
Reglan metoclopramide antiemetic
Zofran ondansetron antiemetic
Phenergan promethazine antiemetic *
Keppra levetiracetam antiepileptic
Cerebyx fospenytoin antiepileptic (anticonvulsant)
Dilantin phenytoin antiepileptic (anticonvulsant)
Lopressor metoprolol antihypertensive
Cardene nicardipine antihypertensive
Cardizem diltiazem antihypertensive, antiarrhythmic
GlucaGen Kit glucagon antihypoglycemic
Integrilin eptifibatide antiplatelet
Lanoxin digoxin cardiovascular agent
Dobutrex dobutamine cardiovascular agent
Intropin dopamine cardiovascular agent
Primacor milrinone cardiovascular agent
nitroglycerin cardiovascular agent
Decadron dexamethasone corticosteroid
Solu-Medrol methylprednisolone (succinate) corticosteroid
Lasix furosemide diuretic
calcium chloride electrolyte
calcium gluconate electrolyte
potassium chloride electrolyte
Pitocin oxytocin endocrine
Pitressin vasopressin endocrine
Aranesp darbepoetin hematologic agent
Procrit/Epogen epoetin hematologic agent
Neupogen filgrastim hematologic agent
Neulasta pegfilgrastim hematologic agent
thrombin hemostatic
Cyklokapron hemostatic hemostatic
Carimune NF, Gammagard, Flebogamma, Gamunex Intravenous Immune Globulin (IVIG) Immune Serum
Mucomyst, Acetadote acetylcysteine mucolytic, antidote
Tracrium atracurium muscle relaxant/paralytic
Nimbex cisatracurium muscle relaxant/paralytic
Zemuron rocuronium muscle relaxant/paralytic
Anectine succinylcholine muscle relaxant/paralytic
Norcuron vecuronium muscle relaxant/paralytic
Buprenex buprenorphine opioid analgesic
Sublimaze, Durgesic, Actiq fentanyl opioid analgesic
Dilaudid hydromorphone opioid analgesic
morphine sulfate opioid analgesic
Activase, Cathflo alteplase thrombolytic
TNKase tenecteplase thrombolytic
Vitamin K phytonadione vitamin
Albuminar, Buminate, albumin volume expander
sodium bicarbonate alkalinizing agent
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