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DEA Number The number all prescribers of controlled substances are assigned and that must be used on all controlled drug prescriptions
beneficence The actions of the health-care provider should be in the best interest of the patient
Placebo An inactive substance given in place of a medication
adverse effect An unintended side effect of a medication that is negative or in some way injurious to a patients health
Legend drug Any drug That requires a prescription and this “legend” on the label: RX only
Negligence Failing to do something you should’ve done
Pediatric Having to do with the treatment of children
Autonomy Patients have the right to choose their treatment
Protected health information (PHI) Any personal information that could be used to identify an individual or their health history
Liability Means you can be prosecuted for misconduct
Recall The action taken to remove a drug from the market and have returned to the manufacturer
Controlled Substance Act 1970 law established schedules of control substances
National Drug Code The number on a manufacturers label indicating the manufacturer And product information
OTC drugs Drugs that do not require a prescription
Schedule II Drugs Amphetamines, opium, cocaine, methadone, and various opiates are included on this schedule
Class I recall Where there is a strong likelihood that product will cause serious adverse effects or death
Schedule IV Drugs Phenobarbital the sedative chloral hydrate and the anesthetic Methohexital are included in this group.
Schedule I Drugs Heroin various opium derivatives and hallucinogenic substances are included on this schedule {no medical purposes}
Class II recall When A product may cause temporary but reversible adverse effects, or in which there is a little likelihood of serious adverse effects
Schedule V Drugs Compounds containing limited amounts of narcotics such as codeine are included in this group
Class III recall When A product is not likely to cause adverse affects
Schedule III Drugs Anabolic steroids in various compounds containing limited quantities of my cart of substances such as coding or include on the schedule
Patent protection
Blind tests
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