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Acid Rain

what causes acid rain ? invisible gases called sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide which then mix with the moisture in the air . Then form a weak sulphuric and nitric acid which then falls down to the earth as acid rain.
what happens to tourism sites? when the acid rain forms it can fall over ancient sites . When this happens it destroys all plant life around the site and breaks down old building . If this keep on happening to the building it will eventually fall down.
what can acid rain do to human health ? the acidification of water supplies in Sweden have been linked to a foul tasting water and out breaks of diarrhoea . its even caused peoples hair to go green after washing !
what can acid rain do to farm land and forests ? acid rain creates acidic soils that are less able to support farm crops . it also causes severe leaching which washes valuable nutrients such as calcium down beneath the reach of tree and other plant roots>
what can be done ? conserve energy , reduce the use of fossil fuels and using alternative energy sources such as wind power and solar power.
why does Sweden have the worst acid rain ? they have very bad acid rain because all the wind from uk and Ireland are blowing weak acids over to Sweden which then makes the acid rain over there a lot stronger.
what can acid rain do to tourism? acid rain has destroyed fish life in thousands of angling lakes . fish eggs are harmed when the PH value of lake water falls below 4.3 large tourism sites such as the Coloseum have suffered a lot of acid rain the past 20 years .
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