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Physical Science

test chap 1: 9th grade

which of the following is not a branch of biology: ecology, botany, geology, medicine geology
technology can best be defined as what applied science
what does it mean to say that " no experiment is a failure"? all experiments are observations of real events
which instrument has been used to detect the oldest, most distance objects in the solar systems radio telescope
which question cannot be answered by an experiment?- does penicillin kill salmonella bacteria; is rabies caused by a virus? ; did a comet impact kill the dinosaurs; can radiation cause cancer did a comet impact kill the dinosaurs
what is the are of a room that is 4x10 to the second cm long and 2x10 to the third cm wide 8x10 to the fifth cm squared
a precise measurement is one that is as exact as possible
a tool used to break light into a rainbow like spectrum is a spectroscope
SI is considered a consistent system because it is used worldwide
which unit is used to measure the mass of a computer kilogram
how many significant figures are in 7.357 four
how many significant figures are in 70,200 three
what is 0.0000043 g in scientific notation 4.3x10 to the negative sixth grams
the main branches of natural science are life, physical, and earth science
what do scientists who do pure science do? they do experiments to find out about the world
what is 123 centimeters in meters? 1.23 m
a tool used by physicists to smash atoms is a particle accelerator
a scientific theory is an explanation that has been tested by many obersvations
the answer to 28 is d
78,900,000,000 is scientific notation 7.89x10 to the tenth
chemistry and physics are the two branches of _____ science physical
pure science is the continuing search for scientific ______ knowledge
the application of science for practical purposes is referred to as technology
scientists depend on ____ to find practical uses for their discoveries engineers
a theory is a scientific ____ for a phenonmenon based on observation, and reasonings explanation
a ___ description of a scientific law would use a mathematical equation quantative
theories are sometimes replaced as a result of new discoveries
the scientific method gives scientists a way to ____ their thinking about a problem or question organize
in the SI system, the prefix ___ means one milionth micro
the extent to which a measurement approaches the true value is referred to as accurate
a mathematical representation of an object or event is a model
astronomers use ____ to magnify distant objects telescopes
length , mass, and temperature are four of the seven SI ____ ____ base units
in the SI system, the prefix __ means one billion giga
the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes technology
a branch of earth science that studies the physical nature and history of earth geology
observing, studying, and experimenting to find the nature of things science
a branch of physical science that studies matter and its changes chemistry
an explanation of how a natural process works scientific theory
a branch of earth science that studies the atmosphere and the weather meterology
a branch of biology that studies the balance in nature ecology
a representation used to study an object or event model
a description of a process in nature that can be tested by repeated experiments scientific law
a branch of physical science that studies forces and energy physiccs
5675 g equals _____ kg 5.675
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