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Homeless Bird

dowry money or property brought by a bride to her husband at marriage
scribe a writer, copier, or secretary
fashioned made, formed, or shaped
auspicious favorable
caste a social class separated by heredity, rank, profession, or wealth
vermillion a bright red color
embroidering decorated by sewing with thread
beckoned to signal or summon
splendor great light or luster, brilliance
pyre a pile or heap of wood or other combustible material. such a pile for burning a dead body, especially as part of a funeral rite, as in India.
unseemly inappropriate, improper, not suited to the circumstances
array an ordered series or arrangement
cunning sly, crafty, clever
solemn deeply earnest or serious
urn a vase that holds the ashes of a cremated person
inauspicious not favorable
rickshaw a vehicle similar to a three-wheeled bicycle, having a seat for passengers behind the driver
garland a wreath of flowers
insolent arrogant, rude, insulting
deformities a misshapen body part
gravely seriously
camphor oil with an aromatic smell and bitter taste,
bandicoot a large rat of southeast Asia
badgered pestered or harassed
Created by: sfiero