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Rural Vocab Practice

definition of agriculture growing crops and raising animals to provide food and other products
definition of cash crop a crop grown to sell
definition of commercial farming farming to produce cash crops
definition of domesticate controlling a plant or animal for people to use
definition of irrigation manmade means of supplying water to crops or land
definition of livestock domesticated animals raised on a farm or ranch
definition of migration people moving where they live from one area to another
definition of nomad a person who moves a lot - has no permanent home
definition of natural resource materials found in nature that are useful to people
definition of rural a sparsely populated area outside of cities and towns
definition of subsistence farming growing just enough food for the farmer’s own use
definition of surplus an extra amount of something
example of cash crop examples in Illinois - corn, soybeans, pumpkins
example of commercial farming example - farms that sell wheat to companies that make pasta and bread
example of domestication of animals examples - when wolves became friends with people and when horses were saddled up and ridden
example of irrigation examples - sprinklers, ditches, soaker hoses
example of livestock examples - cows, goats, chickens, reindeer! and camels
example of migration examples - nomads moving their camel herd across the desert in search of water & grass
example of nomad examples -reindeer herders in Mongolia - remember their portable tents called yurts?
examples of natural resources examples - coal from mines in West Virginia - oil from wells in Texas - lobster from Maine - clean water from Lake Michigan - rich black Illinois soil
description of rural examples - barn with fenced-in herd of goats - endless forests - a barren desert - Illinois cornfields as far as you can see
example of subsistence farming example - video we watched showing rice farmers on hillside terraces - most American farmers when the USA was a baby country - most farmers in Haiti
example of surplus examples - 198 acres of corn - 25,000 hogs - an apple orchard with 200 trees - an 18-wheeler full of boxes of tomatoes - a train with 42 cars filled to overflowing with coal
example of domestication of plants examples - corn planted in straight rows, all ready to pick at the same time - no weeds -bags of wheat seed -lawns -GMOs -Svarbald Seed Vault
Created by: dpruitt89