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Chapter 4 vocab

style characteristic manner or mode of art expression or design
realism style characterized by accurate and truthful portrayal of subject matter
representational art art that presents natural objects in a recognizable form
expressionistic art typically associated with vivid colors, vigorous brushwork, distortion
nonobjective art that doesn't portray a figure or object, no real model or subject matter
cubism developed by Picasso and Braque that emphasized the 2 dimensionality of the canvas
psychic automatism generates imagery through ideas received from unconscious mind and unrestrained matter
form totality of what the viewer sees in the work, product of composition of visual elements
content all that is contained in a work of art: elements, subject matter, and underlying meanings or themes
iconography set of conventional meanings attached to the images, study of visual symbols and their meanings
allegory narrative in which people and events have been given consistent symbolistic meanings.
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