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The Crossover

How can you tell which boy (Joshua and Jordan Bell) is which Josh as curly hair; Jordan is called JB and is bald.
What sport does Josh and JB play in high school Basketball
How does JB acts lately after a girl kisses him in Sunday School Religious
Who is the Assistant Principal in Josh and JBʻs school Their mom, Crystal Stanley-Bell.
What was Josh and JBʻs dad famous for He was famous for being a Basketball All-Star Champion
What is Josh and JBʻs dadʻs name Chuck "Da Man" Bell
What does Josh and JBʻs parentʻs argue about Chuckʻs heart problems; he suffered a leg injury during basketball but has a heart disease history carried throughout his family
What grosses Josh out after his parentʻs argument When they stop talking, Josh knows that theyʻre kissing.
What does Josh give JB after losing a bet to him. He cuts off his hair
What gets JB in trouble after the bet Their mom realizes that Joshʻs hair was gone, so she forces JB to apologize and is grounded from basketball.
What does Josh see after getting a vision while meditating before a game He sees JB laying on the floor, dead.
What is the name of JBʻs new girlfriend Alexis
What gets Alexis mad at Josh During a phone call, JB tells Josh to pretend that he is JB. But, when Alexis finds out, she gets mad at Josh
What happens while Josh, JB and Chuck are shooting free-throws at a nearby gym Chuck passes out and loses consciousness
How many fainting spells has Chuck had the past few months 3
How does Chuck die after a few months in the hospital He suffers a heart attack
Created by: cahyee12
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