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GSE WS6 CH.5 Review

GSE WS6 Chapter.5 Review

What type of job do most people in the United Kingdom have? service industry
Why does the United Kingdom have an unusually mild climate? Gulf Stream
Which of the following statement BEST explains why the United Kingdom is a leader in world trade? It is an island with a mild climate located near many other countries.
Which makes the United Kingdom ideal for international banking? location
Why does the United Kingdom have many important ports? The United Kingdom is an island.
What is the main cause of air pollution in the United Kingdom today? automobile exhaust
What problem does the shrinking supply of oil and gas deposits have on the manufacturing industry? Factories are closing
Which of the following is one of the most valuable resources in the United Kingdom? coal
Read the information in the box to answer the question. ____________________________________________________________________ Newspaper headlines from the London Times in the mid-20th century Transportation at a standstill! Lock your doors! Crime Spike! Thousands dead! ____________________________________________________________________ To which event are the headlines referring? great smog of 1952
Read the quote in the box to answer the question . __________________________________________________________________ “The sun never sets on the British Empire.” __________________________________________________________________ Which of the following statements BEST explains the quote above? The British Empire was so large that at all times the sun was shining on a part of it.
What is the British Commonwealth of Nations? organization of former British colonies
What is Brexit? United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union
What type of government does the United Kingdom have? constitutional monarchy
How is the head of government chosen in the United Kingdom? chosen by parliament
Read the information in the box below. _______________________________________________________________________ Henry is a member of the government in the United Kingdom. He was elected by citizens and will serve for five years. He helps determine the head of government. ______________________________________________________________________ What role does Henry have in the United Kingdom’s government? member of the House of Commons
What type of economy does the United Kingdom have? market
What is the British currency called? pound
Why is it important for a country to invest in human capital? increase the standard of living
What is a way that entrepreneurs help increase the United Kingdom’s GDP? providing the ideas to start and expand businesses
Which of the following BEST describes the relationship of the United Kingdom and the United States today? close allies and trade partners
Constructed Response: Write a short paragraph answering the following question: How has the United Kingdom’s location affected trade and relationships with other countries in Europe? Give at least two reasons/examples. Student Response requirements:The student describes how the United Kingdom’s location within Europe increases trade and makes relationships with other countries easier. The student uses specific examples, like the fact that the United Kingdom is an island with a mild climate.
Constructed Response: Write a short paragraph answering the following question: What are the causes and effects of air pollution in the United Kingdom? What is the British government doing to solve the problem? Student Response requirements:The student explains the causes and effects of air pollution in the United Kingdom and explains what the government is doing about the problem. The student gives specific evidence; example-car exhaust is a major contributor; the Great Smog caused the government to try and solve the problem.
Created by: jpkelley