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Medical Terminology

Chapter 2

PMHx Past Medical History
I/O Intake/Output: the amount of fluids a patient has taken in (by IV or mouth) and produced (usually just urine output)
IV Intravenous
Pathologist a physician with special training in both evaluating the causes and effects of disease and in laboratory (path/o=suffering, disease) (-logist=specialist in study of)
Ausculation to listen
SOAP method Subjective Objective Assessment Plan
Subjective Problem in patients own words duration quality of problem any exacerbating or relieving factors of that problem
Objective Investigate process objective data comprise patient's physical exam lab findings, imaging studies performed at visit
Assessment upon gathering pertinent info, health care provider formulates a logical analysis. a diagnosis, identification of a problem or list of Possibilities for the diagnosis Known as Differential diagnosis
Plan Course of action consistent with assessment could be a treatment with medicine or a procedure. Could consist of collecting further data to help arrive at a more accurate diagnosis
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