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8Sci CH8

8th Science CH8 Weather

air mass large body of air whose temperature and amount of moisture result from the type of surface over which it developed; day-to-day changes in the weather are caused by the movement and collision of air masses
dew point temperature at which the water vapor in saturated air begins to condense
front boundary resulting from the collision between moving air masses, producing such weather events a rain, snow, or violent storms
hurricane intense, highly destructive storm formed from a swirling, low pressure system over a warm, moist tropical ocean; hurricanes are very large, have high winds that can be accompanied by torrential rain, and weaken as they strike land
relative humidity measure, expressed as a percentage, between the amount of water vapor in the air, and the total amount of water vapor the air can hold at that specific temperature
saturated 100 percent relative humidity in the air; occurs when air cannot hold additional moisture at a specific temperature
tornado violent, funnel-shaped storm formed from a low pressure system; tornadoes are highly destructive, short-lasting, and move over land in a narrow path