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8Sci CH2

8th Science CH2 Magnetism

electric generator produces electricity for home and business use by inducing currents through rotating a coil within a magnetic field; in the US household alternating current changes direction 120 times/second
electric motor motor that uses an electromagnet to change electric energy into mechanical energy, creating the ability of machines such as washers and vacuum cleaners to perform work
electromagnet magnet produced by passing an electric current through a coil of wire wound around a core
induced current electric current produced by using a magnet; results when a magnetic field is changed in a coil-the field can be changed by moving either the coil or the magnet
induced magnetism magnetism that occurs only in the presence of a magnetic field-when the magnetized object is removed from the magnetic field, its poles soon disappear
loudspeaker changes variations in electric current into sound waves in radios and speakers
magnetic field three-dimensional region where magnetic forces act; Earth;s huge magnetic field, which resembles a large bar magnet, extends far out into space and protects us from showers of high-energy charged particles
magnetic poles in a bar magnet, the two ends that point north-south--the places where the magnetic field is strongest; two north-seeking poles repel each other, but a north-seeking pole and a south-seeking pole attract each other
transformer ensures that electricity produced by a power company has the correct voltage by raising (step-up transformer) or lowering (step-down transformer) the voltage to the needed level