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Amer Lit Salt

ch 1-5 test

Which story tells of a man trying to get arrested for the winter? The Cop and the Anthem
Rhythm occurring at regular intervals is called... meter
Who painted "Rip Van Winkle"? N C Wyeth
Which poem expresses God's infinite , unconfined love? Meditation One
what is alliteration? the repeating of the same beginning sound or letter in a line of words
What was "The Portland Declaration" essay written as a defense against? humanistic philosophy
Who found the Great Carbuncle? Matthew and Hannah
Who was the artist who painted " Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose"? John Singer Sargent
What is important about the Bay Psalm book? It was the first book PRINTED in America
What is unrhymed iambic pentameter called? blank verse
What is the syllable pattern for spondee? two accented
Which author writes using themes of sin and guilt? Nathaniel Hawthorne
Which story tells of 4 shipwrecked men rowing toward shore? "The Open Boat"
Poetry which has no metrical pattern is called ... Free verse
Who was the first American writer to become famous throughout the world? Washington Irving
...Violets are blue, ... I love you, is an example of what type of rhyme? End rhyme
Snap, pop, yap, and crackle are examples of what? Onomatopiea
Who wanted to kill John Smith? Powhatan
Who was the most widely read poet of Puritan New England? Michael Wigglesworth
In "The Open Boat" who drowned trying to get to shore? and what was ironic about that? The oiler... it was ironic because he was the most physically fit of all the men.
In this story rebel soldiers try to surprise the enemy... "The Battle of the Kegs"
Who is the author of "Mrs McWilliams and the Lightning"? Mark Twain
" Boast not proud English, of thy birth and blood, Thy brother ?Indian is by birth as good." is a quote from...? A key into the language of America
What poem gives a striking picture of the Judgment Day? "The Day of Doom"
What is a poetic "foot"? the pattern of accented and unaccented syllables in a line of poetry
Which poet signed the Declaration of Independence? Frances Hopkinson
who painted "The Homecoming"? What is it depicting? Norman Rockwell, A soldier returning home
Who slept for twenty years? I would like to after JH but "no it wasn't me"... Rip Van Winkle
Who narrated a frog story? Simon Wheeler
The Fall of the Cowboy was painted by... Frederick Remington
In what poem does the author express their own inadequacies? "The author to her book"
Who tells her sister-in-law that the Smith family is ruthless? Belinda Watson
Who wrote "Poor Richard's Almanac"? Benjamin Franklin
Who wrote about the loss of a child in "A funeral Poem on the Death of C.E."? Phyllis Wheatley
Who was injured during a ship wreck? the captain
In what poem does the author long to be home in America? "America for Me"
Who painted "Hoosick Falls in Winter"? Grandma Moses
What is dialect? Using regional language for expression: words and pronunciations that are peculiar to a people in a certain section of a country ie... "The bumblebee iz a kind ov big fly"
What is a ballad? one of the earliest literary forms...it is written to be sung or recited and it tells a story of some exciting episode... mostly deals with love,and courage ie "Strange things I'll tell, which late befell/ In Philadelphia city"
The educator who compiled America's first dictionary... Noah Webster
Created by: kimberi10