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CHEC 5th/6th Science

Aerosol colloid which is either a liquid or solid mixed into a gas
Concentrate large amount of solute in a solvent
Evaporation when a liquid turns into a gas
Magnetism can be used to separate items which are magnetic from those which aren’t
Foam Colloid which is a gas mixed into a liquid
Emulsion Colloid in which droplets of liquids are mixed with another liquid
Saturated solution when no more solute can be dissolved into the solvent
Supersaturated solution solution in which MORE solute is dissolved into the solvent. This solution is very unstable
Filtration Process which allows liquid to seep past larger particles
Sifting process which separates a solid from another solid
Chromatography method of separating by color or light
1 Kings 18:33-38 MAJOR Evaporation at the Battle of the Gods
Homogeneous mixture mixture of different things which looks like one substance
Mixture 2+ substances combined together
Heterogeneous mixture mixture of different things which you can actually see
Solute something being dissolved
Suspension mixture in which large particles are mixed evenly throughout smaller particles
Solution made up of one substance dissolved into another
Polar compound a compound which can be dissolved in water
Solvent something dissolving another
Universal Solvent something which can dissolve MANY substances. Water is considered to be one.
Colloid Mixture which has particles that are larger than in a solution but smaller than in a suspension
Non-Polar Compound a compound which cannot be dissolved in water
Alloys metals dissolved into other metals to make a metal solution
Tyndall Effect If a beam of light shines into a colloid, the beam can be seen in the solution.
Gel Colloid of solid particles mixed in a liquid