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7Sci CH12

7th Science CH12 The Ocean Floor and Shore Zones

abyssal plain flat plains on the ocean bottom; created by sediments from the continental shelves and slopes filling in the hills and valleys on the ocean floor
continental shelf first part of the ocean floor after you leave the shore; formed of flat, gently slanted sections that extend into the ocean, then dip steeply down
longshore current flow of ocean water that approaches parallel to the shoreline; has enough mechanical energy to erode the shoreline and carry away tons of loose sediments
mid-ocean ridges chains of underwater mountains alongside rift zones; often contain active volcanoes
pollution any substance with the potential to damage the environment; pollution can be caused by such factors as burning of fossil fuels, oil spills, and industrial and medical wastes
rift zone ocean region where the seafloor is spreading; magma oozes up from Earth’s interior in rift zones; may become a future site for mining precious metals