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7Sci CH8

7th Science CH8 Controlling the body machine

brain stem part of the brain that controls involuntary body activities such as digestion, breathing, and the beating of your heart
cerebellum part of the brain that coordinates speed and timing of muscle action and maintains balance; sends messages to your cerebrum
cerebrum largest part of the brain; carries out complex functions such as memory, speech,, and thought; processes messages from cerebellum and directs muscles to carry out movements; receives nerve impulses and changes them into sensations (sound,taste,smell)
hormone chemical messenger made by the endocrine glands, which are ductless and empty directly into the bloodstream; hormones are produced in one part of your body and cause change in another part of your body
neuron basic part of the nervous system made up of a cell body, branching dendrites that carry electrical impulses to the cell body, and an axon that carries those messages away from the cell body; neurons are grouped in bundles called nerves
reflex automatic body response to an environmental stimuli that may harm you; your nervous system protects you by the whole reflex sequence such as pulling your hand away from a pot of boiling water before you an even think about how hot it is
spinal cord a long cord that runs the length of the backbone and acts as a connection between the brain and nerves of the body; protected by vertebrae and cartilage discs
synapse a tiny space between neurons; electrical impulses from the axon of a neuron cause transmitting chemicals to cross the synapse and stimulate electrical impulses in the next neuron
target tissue the specific tissue affected by the action of a hormone