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6th Sci SciMLabT

Scientific Method Measurement Lab Tools Review

What is a meniscus? The curve you see at the top of the liquid in a graduated cylinder
What does a beaker measure? Volume
Name two tools that hold small objects. tweezers and forceps
Name a tool that measures length or distance. Meter stick
Name a tool used to transfer liquid. Eye dropper
What unit of measure would you use to find the volume of a small cup of coffee? Milliliter
To protect your eyes, wear.... Goggles
How many centimeters are in a meter? 100 cm
A triple beam balance measures.... mass
Mass is measured in... grams
Metric thermometers measure temperature in degrees Celsius
To find irregular volume, use... displacement
Use your senses when making this kind of observations. qualitative
A series of steps used in an experiment to solve problems and answer questions Scientific Method
An if ____, then ____ statement that is testable and an educated guess Hypothesis
Constant variables Do NOT change
Charts and graphs help you analyze data
Pie charts show percentages
Line graphs show changes over time
Bar graphs compare different groups of data
The part of the Scientific Method that restates the problem and the hypothesis and summarizes your results. Conclusion
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