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Mn LP boiler

minnesota low pressure boiler practice exam

an aquastat stops and starts the burner by sensing the (what?) temperature? boiler water
the number of blowdowns required can be determined by (what)? testing the boiler water.
oxygen in the boiler causes (what)? Pitting
impurities on the surface of the water in a steam and water drum are best removed by (what kind of blowdown)? surface.
a modulating pressure control on a steam boiler does what? controls high and low fire
a (what) is a boiler water treatment accessory that heats feedwater to the the tmep of staurated steam within the pressure vessel. deaerator
when a boiler is observed to be at a pressure above the safety valve setting the first thing to do is (what) secure the boiler
the first thing a boiler operator should do when taking over a shift is to check the (what) for all boilers that are operating? water level in the gauge
a boiler generating 20000 lb/hr of steam must be supplied with at least (how much) feed water. 20000
when starting up a boiler and bringing it on-line in a battery with another boiler, the main steam stop valve should be opened (____________) than the header pressure. slowly when the boiler pressure is slightly less
as a normal precaution when doing a bottom blow down the boiler operator should.....what...? never remove their hands from an open valve, always check the boiler water level, perform the blowdown under a light load
if the top gauge glass fitting from the water column is blocked on a boiler under stam pressure , the water level in the gauge glass will ( what) if the water level in the boiler remains constant? increase
when a boiler is being cleaned , reparied or inspected, the main steam stop valve must be ( what )? tightly closed, locked and tagged out
a boiler furnace explosion is caused by (what) ignition of combustable gasses in the furnace
a (what) protects a hot water boiler from exceeding its MAWP? relief valve
when starting up a boiler and bringing it on line, all A) steam valves must be open B)condensate drains must be closed C)condensate drains must be opened D)air vents must be closed C) condensate drains must be opened.
after replacing a broken gauge glass the new one should be warmed up by opening (what) the steam valve to the gauge glass
(what) are used in boilers to direct the gasses of combustion over the boiler heating surface? Baffles
when taking a boiler off-line, the (what) must be open to prevent a vacuum from forming in the boiler? A) the main steam stop valve? B) the air vent B) the air vent
a low pH in boiler water indicates that ( what ) is likely to occur? corrosion
what increases when water changes to steam? A) temperature B)sensible heat C)volume C)volume
what protects a bourdon tube in the pressure gauge from the heat of the steam? siphon
bottom blow down is used to (what) remove sludge and sediment
sensible heat is ........ what? heat that can be measured with a thermometer
in a watertube boiler the heat and gasses of combustion pass where? around tubes filled with water
what is the minimum drain size for a water column? 1in. 1/2 in. 3/4 in. 1/4 in. 3/4 in.
minimum size blowdown line on a mini boiler 3/4 inch 1/2 inch 1 inch 1/2 inch
what type of valve is permitted to shut off a steam gauge? A)gate B)globe C)lever c) lever
what pipe size is used for a steam gauge? 1/4in. or 1/2 in.? 1/4in.
what size pipe is used for the water column? 1 inch or 1/2 inch? 1 inch
what is the minimum drain size on a water column? 1/4 inch? 1/3 inch? 1/2 inch? 3/4 inch? 3/4 inch?
What pipe sizes are used on a water column? one inch for the water column pipe and 3/4 inch for the water column drain.
what control is the mastermind of the burner control system the programmer
the (what) is the part of the boiler with water on one side and heat on the other? a-furnace b- heating surface c-fireside d-water side? d- heating surface
sensible heat is heat that is (what)? a-causes a temperature change b-causes no temperature change c-boils water d- changes ice to water a-causes a temperature change
(what) is the condition where a flame travels upwind and into the burner assembly a-flashback b-flame propagation c- light-off d-ignition a-flashback
to prevent a vacuum from forming when taking the boiler off-line the ( what ) must be open when pressure is still on the boiler? a- safety valve b- main steam stop valve c-boiler vent d-automatic non return valve? c- boiler vent
(what) combustion is caused by self-ignition through chemical action? a- theoretical b- spontaneous c-complete d- pilot? b-spontaneous
(what) discharged from the bottom try cock indicates a low water condition in the boiler? a- steam b-water c-condensate d-fuel oil a-steam
impurities in a boiler from the manuacturing process are removed through the use of (what?) a-steam blowing b- bchemical feedwater treatment c-boil out d-stean tube cleaning c- boil out
How many different types of low water fuel cut of are in general use? 2 types, electric and float
how many low water cut offs are required a- one b- two c- one on hot water boilers and two on steam boilers d- none are required c- at least one on hot water boilers and two on steam boilers
what size drain does the low water cut off have to have? a-1/4 b-1/2 c- 3/4 d- 1 inch 3/4 inch vertical drain to facilitate flushing the float chamber
where can the low water cut off be attached? a-to the boiler......b- to the gauge glass... c-both the boiler or the gauge glass...........d-to the feedwater line? c-to the boiler or the gauge glass
minimum size for a safety valve? 1/2 inche 3/4 inch 1 inch 2 inch? 3/4 inch minimum
maximum size for a safety valve? 1 inch 1.5 inches 3 inches 4.5 inches 4.5 inches
what do boiler pipes have to be made of? sschedule 40 black iron
what does the water column drain size have to be? 1/4 1/2 3/4 3/4
what is the graduation on a pressure gauge? 30 to 60 60 to 90 30 to 90 1 to 100 30 to 60
pressure gauge may only be provided with a shut off cock if has a (what) handle tee or lever
how often does a pressure control have to be inspected? twice a year
minimum pipe size for a pressure control 1/4
what is sodium sulfite used for in a boiler? an oxygen scavenger
if the LWCO is attached to the gauge glass what size pipe must be used? 1/4in. 1/3 in. 1/2in. 3/4in. 1/2in.
the low water cut off can be attached directly to the boiler with black iron pipe or attached to the gauge glass. If it is attached to the gauge glass what type and size of piping must be used? non ferrous 1/2 inch piping
what size pipe is used to attach the LWCO to the gauge glass? 1/2 inch
what is the minimum and maximum size for a safety valve? 3/4 inch and 4.5 inches
The makeup water feeder can be used as a feedwater regulator True or False? False
A globe valve used as a feedwater stop valve must be installed so inlet pressure is applied from under the valve disc true or false? true
Centrifugal feedwater pumps are commonly driven by steam True or false? false, they are driven by electric motor
A slow opening valve used as a bottom blow down valve requires how many complete 360 degree turns to open? 5
applying a hydrostatic test on a boiler the water temperatures should be what? 50, 70, 212 or 250 degrees F? 70
What is meant by flash point and fire point? fire point is the lowest temperature that fuel will continue to burn flash point is ignite briefly, but might not sustain the fire.
what is sodium sulfite used for? oxygen scavenger
When could stop valves be eliminated for a single hot water heating boiler? when the boiler is located above the system
what is a water flow proving switch electrical switch activated by flow of water, connected to the boiler control circuit must be activated for burner to function (secondary safety control to LWCO)
in some heating systems the circulation pump is controlled by what? a thermostat, a pressure control or a water flow proving switch? a thermostat
what is hydrostatic pressure? the weight of water per vertical foot
how do you calculate hydrostatic pressure .433 x vertical distance
what is the hydrostatic pressure of line that has a distance of 15 feet? .433 x 15 = 6.495 (6.5)
area of a valve disc formula? .7854 x D²
Created by: cahillbradley
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