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Imaging II Quiz 1

What are the requirements for x-ray production/emission? 1. A source of electrons 2. Electrons moving at high speeds(high voltage) 3. Abrupt stopping of electrons.
What is nice to have but not needed for x-ray production/emission? 1. Appropriate target material 2. A vacuum tube
What is the benifit of having a vacuum tube? The tube will be void of ambient air molecules. Air has mass and will take energy away from the electrons = fewer x-rays produced.
Where is the filament located? Located on the cathode side of the tube, within the focusing cup.
What does the filament do? Controls the f.s. size and provides the source of electrons.
What is the filament made of? 98% Tungsten (W), 2% Thorium
Why use Tungsten? Because it is an ecellent termionic emmiter and it does not vaporize easily.
Why add Thorium to the Tungsten? Added to prolong tube longevity
What is blooming or off-focus radiation? Radiation that is made from electrons striking things other then the target material. Produces a ghosting effect around the outside of your collimation (NOT SCATTER!!!)
Blooming/Off-focus radiation my comprise how much of the primay beam? 25-30%
Where is the focusing cup? Located on the cathode side of the tube.
What is the focusing cup made of? Molybdenum (MO) or Nickel
What does the focusing cup do? It focuses the electrons into a tighter space cloud/charge, helps reduce off focus radiation.
What does the anode do? provide mechanical support for the target. Contains the target in generl radiography.
Created by: spcradiology