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First Semester- Quinlan

What U.S. state has the largest amount of cults? California
What is "theistic evolution"? Evolution occurred but God controlled it.
What kind of person (age, race, and gender) are you most likely going to find in church? Older African American women
What event caused the teaching of evolution to almost disappear from high school textbooks? The "Monkey Trial"
Which theory about how the Earth reached its present state is the most popular with Americans today? Creationist
Name 2 of the 3 steps for brainwashing: 1. Isolate the recruit 2. Establish trust
What are 3 positive functions of religion? 1. Answers questions about afterlife 2. Emotional Comfort 3. Unites People
What are two dysfunctions of religion? 1. It causes wars. 2. It segregates society
Are people are more likely to commit suicide in small or large towns? Small
Are men or women more successful in committing suicide? Men
What are three factors we discussed that played an important role in the development of adolescence as a distinct stage in the life cycle. *Education required until 16 *Work force began at 16 *Juvenile system developed
Sociologists say that Adolescence has 5 distinct characteristics or struggles that go along with it, name 2: *pressure increases *the body changes and grows (hormones)
Name two of the three reasons as to why dating emerged: *Child Labor Laws *Womens rights
Why date? Name 2 reasons: *Social status *Helps you detect what characteristics you like in a spouse
What percentage of adolescents said in 1998 that they were happy with their looks? 30%
Name 2 factors mentioned in class that have been found to affect the rate of teenage suicide: *Homosexuality *Alcohol and drug use
What is the maximum number of hours a week an adolescent can work before their school work begins to suffer? 20
Name two factors that influence how early sexual activity begins: *parental involvement *income
Where does the greatest source of pressure on teenagers come from? Their peers
What are the 4 characteristics of traditional dating? * Male arranges date *Male pays *Not having a date for important events "social suicide" *Steady dating was indicated by exchange of items
What are the 4 characteristics of contemporary dating? *Dates are not prearranged *Males and females initiate dates *Either may pay *Dates formed out of "friendship groups"
What are the 3 characterstics of courtship? *Supervised *Must ask permission *Purpose was marraige
What is the best thing parents can do for their early developing daughters? Communicate with them
What was the reason for the average age of first menstruation dropping from 17 to 13 between the middle of the 19th century to the middle of the 20th century? Nutrition improved
What are two common characteristics of the typical family in which violence is present? *Low education *Low income
Name 3 things you must provide for your child. *Love and affection *Education *Food and shelter
True or False: Women hit their husbands with intent to injure more often than husbands hit their wives. True
Why are couples waiting longer to have children? (2 reasons) *Finish education *Make sure income is adequate to raise a child
Why does the Southern "Bible Belt" have the highest rates of divorce in the country? (2 reasons) *They marry younger there *Low education/income
Name 4 of the 16 thing you better consider before marriage. 1.occupation 2. their family 3.income
What are the average ages for first marriages for men and women. Men: 27 and Women: 25
What are two ways to establish discipline with your child? 1. Define boundaries of behavior 2.Hold the child accountable
What are two adjustments that people must face when in a divorce? *Social (family & friends) *Spending money and getting used to new income
What are two reasons for banning books in todays schools and libraries? *They contain sexually graphic scenes *They are racist
What are two advantages of public schools? *Cheaper *More diverse
What are two advantages of private schools? *Safer *Better educational drive
What kind of educational program am I in if I am a carpenter that is learning on the job? Apprenticeship
Barber and beauty schools are examples of what type of schooling? Trade
If I e-mail my assignments to a school and don't receive face-to-face instruction, what type of school am I in? Correspondence
What are 2 of the 7 ways we discussed for helping to control violence in schools? *Keeps bad kids out of school and in court instead *End racism
What is the practice of placing students into learning groups or educational paths according to tested abilities? Tracking
Why would someone vote against educational tax increases? (2 reasons) *They have no children (or none in school) *They are property owners
What are 3 problems in education today? *unequal/inconsistant funding *discriminating tests *more teenage pregnancy
What is one thing that increased the amount of homework issued by teachers in the 20th century? Sputnik
What separates a person from the rest of society and puts them completely in someone's control? Total institution
What is the process of learning new norms, values, attitudes, and behaviors? Resocialization
What is the term for the systematic and scientific study of human behavior, social groups, and society? Sociology
What is the tendency to see or hear only those facts which support our beliefs and overlook others? Selective perception
What is a widely accepted and organized system of ideas and behaviors aimed at achieving a goal? Institution
What are the 3 of the 4 main factors that determine our personalities? *environment *parents values *heredity
What is the differece between latent and manifest functions of an institution? Latent functions have unintented outcomes while manifest functions are intended.
What is Charles Horton Cooley's theory of socialization? Looking glass self (seeing yourself as others see you)
What are the 5 social institutions in our society? *Family *Religion *Government *Business *Education
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