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Word of Day

Nublous Adj: Unclear, Cloudy
Arctophile Noun: A person who is very fond of and is usually a collector of teddy bears
Chevelure Noun: A head of hair
Fungible Adj: Replaceable by the same quality.
Debunk Verb: To expose the sham or falseness of
Weald Noun: A heavily wooded area: forest
Rash Adj: Undue haste
Thwart Verb: To oppose successfully
Volatile Adj: Easily aroused, tending to erupt into violence
Nonchalant Adj: Having an air of easy unconcern
Gaffer Noun: An Old man, Foremen Overseer
Orgulous Adj: Proud, haughty
Cerulean Adj: Deep blue in color like a clear sky
Satiety Noun: State of being fed or gratified beyond capacity
Exigent Adj: Requiring immediate aid or action
Oblige Verb: to put in one's debt by a favor or service
Marshal Noun: A high official entrusted with particular duties
Lodestar Noun: One that serves as an inspiration, model, or guide
Rubric Noun: An established rule, tradition or custom. or a guide listing specific criteria for scoring academic papers
Taciturn Adj: Temperamentally disinclined to talk
Buttonhole Verb: To detain in conversation by or as if by holding on to outer garment of
Duress Noun: Forcible restraint or restriction
Ingratiate to gain favor or favorable acceptance by deliberate effort.
Banshee Noun: A Female Spirit in Gaelic folklore whose appearance or wailing warns a family that one of them will soon die
Fathom Verb: probe, to penetrate and come to understand
Quiddity Noun: An unusual personal opinion or habit
Enigmatic Adj: Relating to an enigma: Mysterious
Deportment Noun: The manner in which one conducts oneself: Behavior
Schmooze Verb: To converse informally: Chat
Advert Verb-To turning the mind or attention to something
Taradiddle noun-a trivial or childish lie; pretentious nonsense
Chiliad Noun: a group of 1000
Lenitive Adj: Alleviating pain or harshness: soothing
Atone verb: To make amend; to provide compensation for something bad.
Milieu noun: the physical or social setting in which something occurs
Secrete VERB: To deposit or conceal in a hiding place
Glade Noun: An open space surrounded by woods
Panoply Noun: A full suit of armor
Cloister Verb: to seclude from the world in
Weltschmerz Noun: Mental depression
Manifesto noun: written statement declaring publicly the motive
Trousseau Noun: personal possessions of a bride
Created by: cyndimarie