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Which response would the nurse anticipate when giving two drugs that have a potentiative effect, such as meperidine and Phenergan? Increased pain relief
The nurse is preparing a discharge teaching plan to a patient prescribed phenobarbital and oral contraceptives which are known to induce CYP isoenzymes. What patient teaching should the nurse include in the discharge plan? Plan to use another form of birth control while taking phenobarbital.”
The drug the nurse is about to give induces P-glycoprotein (PGP). Which outcome should the nurse expect when this drug is given with other drugs? Reduced absorption of other drugs Drugs that induce PGP can cause reduced absorption of other drugs, which would reduce their levels. A PGP inducer would not increase the side effects of other drugs and could increase elimination of other drugs.
The nurse is concerned with minimizing adverse drug-drug interactions for the patient. Which drug characteristic could result in the most serious consequences from a drug-drug interaction? Low therapeutic range Interactions are especially important with drugs that have a narrow therapeutic range, because an interaction that produces a modest increase in drug levels can cause toxicity.
The nurse is teaching a patient prescribed felodipine [Plendil] for the treatment of hypertension. Which statement is the most appropriate for the nurse to include in the teaching session? “Avoid grapefruit juice while you are taking this medication.” Grapefruit juice can raise levels of felodipine by as much as 406% because of the effect grapefruit juice has on the CYP3A4 isoenzyme.
Before administrating the dosage of a prescribed medication, the nurse observes precipitation formation of the intravenous (IV) solution. What is the priority nursing action? Discard the IV solution. If a precipitate appears in the IV solution, that solution should be discharged.
The nurse reviews all of the patient’s prescriptions. Which prescribed medications may cause a detrimental potentiative drug interaction? Aspirin and warfarin Aspirin and warfarin both suppress clotting. As a result, if aspirin and warfarin are taken concurrently, the risk of bleeding is significantly increased.
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