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The nurse understands that the dose-response relationship is graded and should expect to observe which response? As the dosage increases, the response becomes progressively greater.
The nurse demonstrates the concept of maximal efficacy by administering which drug for a headache that the patient describes as a “mild dullness” and as a 2 on a 1 to 10 scale? Aspirin
Which statement by the nursing student indicates a need for further instruction about drug selectivity? Botulinum toxin is very selective and therefore very safe for administration.”
Which drug property is most enhanced by the presence of many different types of receptors throughout the body? Selectivity
The drug dobutamine acts as an agonist of norepinephrine (NE) receptors. Which effect is the nurse most likely to observe in a patient receiving this medication? Increased heart rate Dobutamine mimics the actin of NE at receptors on the heart, thereby causing an increase in the heart’s rate and force of contraction.
The nurse prepares to give a drug that will prevent receptor activation. Which term would describe this drug? An antagonist is a drug that prevents receptor activation. An agonist is a molecule that activates receptors. A selective drug has only the desired response but may not activate receptors. A potent drug requires a lower dose to achieve its effect.
Why does the nurse administer naloxone to a patient receiving morphine sulfate who has a respiratory rate of 8 breaths per minute? Naloxone prevents the activation of opioid receptors.
Why does the nurse monitor the patient closely when administering a drug with a low therapeutic index? The highest dose needed to produce a therapeutic effect is close to the lethal dose.
The nursing student learns that not all drugs produce effects binding to a receptor. Which drugs do not act through receptors? Antacids do not act through receptors. Antacids neutralize gastric activity by direct chemical interaction with stomach acid.
The nurse is preparing to administer a drug with a high therapeutic index. What does this mean about the drug? It is relatively safe. Therapeutic index is a measure of a drug’s safety. It is the ratio between the therapeutic and lethal dose of the drug. A large or high therapeutic index indicates that the drug is relatively safe.
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