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drivers ed 2

why should u avoide swinging wide on right turns? the car behind you might think your are changing lanes or turning left so they might pass you on the right
why should u avoid cutting sharply on left turns? so you wont run into someone approaching from the left
why should you yield the right of way to pedestrians so you dont hit a person
what should you do when encountering a school bus with with its red lights flashing stop and dont proceed until they are the lights are estinguished
what should u do if u meet a funeral procession yeild the right of way of them
how do u gain the skill necessary to be a safe driver? instruction and practice
wat are the dangers of stopping to quickly you could skid and lose controll. person behind you could hit you
describe how to determine how many seconds you are looking ahead use city blocks in city 1 block on highway 4 blocks
why is it important to look at traffic behind you? if someone is following behind you to closely, or coming up to fast
why is it important to slow down at night you can not see as well
why should u never stay along side a large truck? they have large blind spots
what is the proper procedure when driving around curves? slow down then accelerate
why can bridges be icy and pavement not? the bridge is exposed to everything and doesnt have the earth to keeep it warm and is most the time above water
what is hydroplaning skim over water
name 2 places where its dangerous to pass? hill, around abend
name 3 different types of drivers that should be gievn extra space new old toxicated
who decides whether or not an interlock device is to be installed in a vechical of neone convicted of a dui/bac the court
when will you have to retake both the written and driving test once youve already had a liscens when it expires 3 months after the limit
if you move u must report it to the motor vichicle division within wat time period 10 days
a person who becomes a montana resident for the purpose of lisensing is required to obtain a montana drives license after being in the state for how long? 60 days
refusal to consent a chmical test for your alchol content in the blodd will result in a suspension of the driver licens and privilege for how may days? 6 months
what happens if your licsens is suspended? the privilge to drive is taken away fo a time period
montana defines reckless driving as? driving with willful and wanton disregaurd for the saftey and property
your driving record is used by who? the state and insurance company
at wat bac does the law state you are under the influence of alcohol? under 18 .02 above 18 .08
what happens if you do not carry proof of liability insurance in ur vichicle? 1st offense license suspeded for 90 days 2nd time 180 days and 3rd time within 5 yrs
a habitual offenders license is rovoked for how many years? 3yrs
habitual offenders are those persons who? have 30 or more points in 3 years
if you drive after drinking alcohol you could face wat kind of penalties liscens suspensiones, fines, inprisonment
to obtain a learners license you must complete wat requirements? gdl step 1
Created by: mktmac