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Stack #28285

Vocab WordDefinition
subsistence farming farming only enough for the needs of your own family or village.
canopy a layer of branches at the top of trees .
Capitalism economic system in which people and privately owned companies own both basic and non-basic business.
population density average number of people living per square mile
Green Revolution changes in agriculture in the 1950’s that increased food production.
Socialism economic system where the government owns most basic industry.
push - pull theory people migrate to new places due to something that makes them leave, and or they leave to get something they do not have.
immigrant a person who moves to a new country to settle there.
culture an entire way a group of people live and is organized.
Communism economic system which the central government controls all aspects of citizen’s lives.
economy a system for producing, consuming and owning goods and services.
developing nation a country with little modern industry and technology.
developed nation a country with modern industry and technology.
rural having to do with the country side
precipitation all forms of water that fall to the earth.
monarchy King or Queen run the country
life expectancy average # of years a person is expected to live
compass rose shows direction on a map.
revolution a circular journey of the earth around the Sun
producer a person who makes products
urban area with high population
axis imaginary line running through the Earth
consumer a person who buys , rents goods and services.
orbit the oval shaped path the earth
rotation complete turn of the earth, takes about 24 hours.
services work done for other people, such as a doctor.
government the system that establishes and enforces the laws and institutions of a society.
agriculture farming
manufacturing changing a raw material into a finished product.
ethics standard of moral behavior.
fossil fuel created over millions of years from the reamins of prehistoric plants and animals.
direct democracy people participate directly in governmental decision
plain a large, mostly flat area
technology tools and the skills needed to use those tools.
plate tectonics the theory of that the Earth’s crust is madw of huge, slowly moving slabs of rocks called plates.
erosion the process of by which water and wind wears away landforms and carries the material to another place.
weather day to day changes in the air.
climate the usual weather pattern of an area over a long period of time.
weathering the breaking down of rocks
globe a round model of the earth
geography study of the earth
key/legend section of a map that explains the symbols for the map features
latitude imaginary lines running east and west that measure distance north and south of the Equator.
Cardinal directions one of the four compass points
equator line found at 0’ latitude.
distortion a misrepresentation of the true shape of the landforms
longitude imaginary lines running north and south that measure distance east and west of the Prime Meridian
degree a unit of measure used to determine absolute location.
Prime Meridian line found at 0’ degrees longitude
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